How to Download YouTube video easily just One click

How to Download YouTube videos with Full HD Quality 2048 px without Any Software

How to Download YouTube videos with Full HD Quality 2048 px without Any Software

Hello friend we all watch videos daily on YouTube and we also know that YouTube is a Lovely platform for Entertainment But when we like any video on youtube and we want to save it in our phone storage but we can't do it because YouTube allows to download offline only but it's not enough.

Recover Facebook Deleted and Spam Messages

How to recover Facebook messages when you accidentally click Spam or Delete message on Facebook

When using facebook if we delete and Mark as spam messages by mistakenly and if we click on "Mark as Spam" then messages chat head will save as spam and messages will be deleted from your  facebook account permanently. I had also face this option too and i lost my important messages.

3 ways to earn money on Youtube other than Adsense

Earn Money on Youtube Other than Adsense, 3 Best ways to Earn more

We are going to discuss about 3 other way to earn more money other than Adsense on Youtube. All the youtubers want to earn more by youtube but maximum of youtubers are dependent only on Adsense but we can earn more money than Adsense through these three ways.
This ways is based on 3 conditions the first of which, if your youtube channel is not eligible to monetize , Second one is if your youtube channel suspended and third one is If your channel terminates.
First way is common and i think 99% of peoples know about it but this way is best option to earn easy and more.

Block any Website from your computer

How to Block Any Website in laptop, Computer, Chrome, Mozilla, Internet Explore Easily

We can easily block any website Url using window host file in window 7, Window 8 or Window 10. Hello Friend today we are going to learn about block any website URL in windows operation system. We visit daily lot of websites in which some websites is informal and some social sites which waste our time.

Best Laptop 2017-2018 : Top 8 Laptop with Good Price & A-One specification and Features

Which is the best i 5 or i 7 core processor Laptop under 55,000 to 70,000/-

i have complied a list of  best  laptop in 2017 - 2018. This list include only laptops having 5th generation i 5 and i 7 Intel core processor.

How to Delete Facebook account permanently ?

Delete your Facebook account for forever

If you decide to delete your Facebook account for forever then definitely you can do it. In the last few year, those users who have closed accounts have increased. Facebook has on number one in social media sites. we spends time more on Facebook and other social media sites.

1 Login your Facebook : To delete Facebook account we will need to login first your Facebook account. because without login we will can't delete account. After login done choose account setting option to start delete account process. Image snap given below to make easy.